Summer 2017 Mission pictures from Clair Levesque

Jeff Browning 1 Year Post Op after having LASIK at Southern Eye

Eye Specialty Group and Southern Eye Associates Announcement

Laura Bloodworth Negative 8 to 20 20 Congratulations Laura!

Text update from Mustapha’s Mom

Dr Cathy received this text today.

Mustapha is good and fine. He is in class one now and writing fine in school. Me and husband always pray that the God will continue to take good care of you. And you may live to viagra natural receta see the good work of what mustapha is doing. We are always grateful to you for what you have done in our son’s life. God bless you abundantly.

New pictures from Southern Eye Institute West Africa


img-20161019-wa0007 img-20161019-wa0006 img-20161019-wa0005 img-20161019-wa0003


The woman pictured here makes soap for sale, during the preparation the raw caustic soda splashes into here eye.




img-20161019-wa0001 img-20161019-wa0000

New Pictures from David Tucker from Serabu

img-20161018-wa0002 img-20161018-wa0001


A the clinic here today in Serabu, will send you more pictures during my stay.



The woman with head covering is waiting for a visual acuity test. A Fula by tribe… she traveled 75 km to Serabu












Every dollar counts in Serabu West Africa located in Sierra Leone

Every dollar counts in Serabu. Just $10 will pay for a clinic visit. $150 will pay for one eye surgery. $500 will pay for 15 children’s school fees for a year. $5000 will fund a deep water well. $15,000 will pay for shipping the container all the way to Serabu!

#LASIKatSouthernEye #LASIKwithaMission

Carla Aslup had LASIK at Southern Eye 9 Months ago and shares her story. Memphis TN

Reid Evans 1 Day after having LASIK at Southern Eye

Reid has been in glasses for as long as he can remember.  Yesterday Reid has LASIK at Southern Eye.  Today he shares his story.  If you have more questions call us at 901-255-5603 or go see Reid at acheter viagra Ashley Furniture.