The New Creation of The Islamic Presbyterian Church, EPC, WA

Vision Statement

The primary spiritual gifts of the Serabu Church are Vision, Proclamation, Administration, and Educational Leadership; all spiritual gifts required to fulfil the calling of this church which is to eliminate abject poverty in Serabu,  the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sierra Leone (remainder) West Africa, and beyond.

Mission Statement:

To be disciples seeking to cause God great joy by sharing His love as we have experienced it in Jesus Christ.


Preserving all elements of Islamic faith and culture that are appropriate in following Jesus, accepting Jesus Christ as God’s Messiah, God’s only son, who has made provision for forgiveness of our sin, restoration of our full intimacy with God, and who has given us complete assurance of Eternal Life.


As an emerging New Testament Church offering representative community government as the primary model for servant leadership; Made up of Pastors, Trustees, Elders, Deacons, Teachers, Shepherds and Disciples; offering a place of responsibility for every person in the beloved community.

The Shepherding Program is Jesus’ own model for discipleship, based on a core group of 12 disciples with one shepherd, and then adding five additional disciples who are supportive of and growing with the small discipleship group; people like Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.


The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, EPC, WA, is an independent newly emerging New Testament Church for Africa, As Jari Dykstra is shepherded by her own beloved community, Advent Presbyterian Church, EPC, America, She will bring Advent Church along-side the Serabu Church by way of satellite video, carefully chosen persons as mentors,  educational materials, resources, and supplies. The people of Serabu are living at peace in a blended faith community of Islam and Roman Catholicism.

This additional church brings to the community participatory structures for leadership that appear to be needed for responsible and sustainable community development.  This church will provide servant leadership across the community, which reflects the traditional faith orientation of Serabu.