The Serabu Block Works Manufacturing and Construction Company

Vision Statement

To be a highly organized, professional, top quality, maximally productive Block Works Manufacturing and Construction Company, making possible the creation of modern, adequate community structures for supporting responsible and sustainable community development.

Mission Statement

To integrate locally produced, hydraulically compressed, interlocking, local clay and Chinese white cement blocks, into the building of structures architecturally designed with innovative engineering, that will withstand the earthquakes and tropical storms, the high humidity, and scorching sun, and provide roofing that can support the weight of ballast for solar energy, the flooring that can be sanitarily clean and maintained, water management systems that can provide fruit trees and park-like settings, and provide health-enhancing, ecologically responsible sanitation stations.


The Serabu Block Works, outdoors, under cover, producing 12,500 blocks per day, including 112 trained production workers, an additional 112 general laborers, 32 managers at different levels (4 per team x 8 teams of 18 persons) and two general managers:  258 employees total.

Plans will include doubling this personnel for the addition of a second shift.  Shift One: 5AM-12 Noon, Shift Two: 12 Noon to 7PM. 30 minutes before and after each shift will be required for set up and clean up.  Making these shifts eight hour shifts.  Substantial and nourishing meals will be provided before and after each eight hour shift. The Block Works will employ 516 employees total. Maximum production: will be 25,000 blocks per day. This will vary when pavers are being manufactured.

The Serabu Block Works Manufacturing and Construction Company will have a second component for construction.  That company structure is still to be determined. Every able person available will serve as a volunteer in the building program. Staff workers will include certain trained, skilled laborers, contractors will be determined, job descriptions will be written. Surveys will include these job descriptions. Opportunities to choose jobs and work schedules will be offered.