The Serabu Edu-Plex: Building Program 2017-2020

Vision Statement

This project includes the building of a planned unit development densely designed to be contained on the original 23 acres of land known as the, “school land.” This land was donated for the location of a new building for the Islamic primary school and the addition of a vocational technical school. The land was given by the Paul Makavore Family. The land was a parcel from the Paul Makavore family farm.  Additional Lands will also be set aside for further development.

Mission Statement

To build structures that are suited by architectural design and innovative engineering, to support a wide variety of participatory education opportunities.


Education-starting with newborns and parenting education that proceeds to age 5, in the Vocational Technology offering, grades 1-6 in the Islamic Primary School, grades 7-9 in the Junior High School, grades 10-12 in the High School, and grades 13-14 in the Vocational Technology Program.

An Education with Technology Resourced Curriculum including

Core Literacy, Academic Literacy, and Life-Long Learning will be available community-wide.

And, also, including

A STEM Curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) As a Project-Based, Participatory, Process-Oriented Model: The Serabu Project.